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Founded in 2005, Healthcare insurance news (HIN) have recognized itself as one of the market pioneers for medical news, providing to the point and authentic information that stands out in the world of content that health topic has on the internet. Our targeted audience includes both educated Patients and Health care Professionals. The editorial group gathers information from testify-based, peer-examined studies, along with precise, neutral and revealing content from governments (e.g. FDA, CDC, NIH, and NHS), medical communities, professional corporations, authentic patients’ groups, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.About us

Healthcare insurance news (HIN) gathers unique, authentic, appropriate and convincing information from valued, realistic source. The editorial group has a strict code of conduct to report for all areas of healthcare industry, including Medical Insurances. We strive to complete our exposure across all sectors of Healthcare Industry. Our main content are, mentioned as under:

  • News content produced and gathered on daily basis by our internal editorial team.
  • Expose material covering the issues that are important to you – formed in house and licensed.
  • Opinions forums are (in pipeline) – that will allow you to connect with other users.

Healthcare insurance news (HIN) technology and website team make sure that the platform we use possess up to date and healthy material, allowing you to Surf, access and share our provided information by various means mentioned as under:

  • On desktop and mobile/tablet devices (the website automatically adjusts to convey the proper version of the site based on the device)
  • Subscription option to keep up-to-dated
  • Newsfeeds
  • Pages on all authentic “Social Media Source”
  • On Google

Healthcare insurance news (HIN) is an advertising-funded website – we do not sell products or services, we present all information free of charge with no registration necessary. We permit marketing and/or advertising on the website to allow us to continue on delivering high quality data to users around the globe without any charges.

All Subscribers please note that we DO NOT expose your information to third parties or rent email lists.

Healthcare insurance news (HIN) management team has massive depth of knowledge and understanding of their particular fields, with over 50 years of mutual experience of the healthcare content industry. While the rapidity of change in the online publishing world continues to dare the established publishing industry, Healthcare insurance news (HIN) – an online-only company – remains agile and continuously moves towards growth in online health publishing.

If you are willing to contact us, please use our contact us page or can use any Social media source.

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